Here you will find the latest improvements for each of the versions of ApliCAD UpdateBIM that have been published.

15 January 2023

Revit Plugin improvements
- Groups of Revit objects can be managed, the objects being part of the UpdateBIM catalog.
- When a family is included in UpdateBIM, all the parameters are included in the database.

Web interface improvements
- The public catalogs of ApliCAD UpdateBIM are available for consultation from the web interface.

15 September 2022

Revit Plugin improvements
- Loading speed of the project analyzer.
- Parameter values ​​are sorted alphabetically.
- Search for contains type parameters.
- Correction in the insertion of a family previously deleted by "remove not used".

Web interface improvements
- Now only the objects of the selected folder appear, not the interior ones.
- The overview objects appear as often repeated as in these folders.
- The path of the object appears below when we click on it.

Object Management (Web)
- Multi-selection with ctrl, Shift and ctrl+Shift
- Drag & Drop (Move and copy)
- Right button to move, copy or delete.
- When deleting, it asks if you want to delete from all or only from the selected folder if it is in more than one.

Folder Management (Web)
- Create a folder in root with a new icon or with the right button.
- Create an inner folder with the right button.
- Move the folder with drag&drop or the right button.
- Delete folder (All items and subfolders will be deleted. If an item is in another folder/s, it stays in that folder/s)
- Excel-type filters in all the web tables. (Future version with a table in the content as well as on cards).

19 July 2022

- The unique product code is maintained when there is an update, so that the links generated to download from a web page or a document remain constant.
- Search for objects using the combination of folders and parameters in an efficient way is improved. Only objects that meet the 2 conditions, folder and parameter values, appear.
- When a Parameters filter is active, a * appears on the tab to inform the user.

23 June 2022

- When uploading the user family files, the shared parameter file is taken into account, so that the parameters and values are registered in the database, facilitating the subsequent search using the parameter values.
- Activated the system of automatic updates of the program. Now, if there is a new version, the program will warn of its existence and will make it easier for the user to automatically update the program. For this process that can be canceled, we must take into account that the updater program will close Autodesk Revit in order to proceed with the update.

22 May 2022

- Treatment of the file of shared parameters.
- You can use your shared parameters file in the Manager web and when updating your families, the parameters are in the cloud to search in the Revit plugin
- You can search for objects within the object catalog by 3 systems, which can also be combined: Directory where the object is located from the point of view of classification or Labels that each object can have.
o Any of the object parameters according to the parameters file uploaded to the platform.
- Integration of access to objects in web pages of the manufacturer. If you have Revit open, you can insert the object from the manufacturer's website.

10 February 2022

- New Button that alternates between the view of the objects in alphabetical order, or by date of registration/modification, with the latest objects added to the platform appearing first.
- Improvements in the search box: It is now possible to enter search terms regardless of their order.
- The objects can be assigned to one or more labels, so that we can use the labels as a filter, in this way we have a different classification from the one used in the document folders.
- A new button appears that allows us to access a more detailed description of the different types, as well as information on the name of the family file, and the date of the last version.
- In the Content Manager, the mass upload button has been included in the paid versions, which allows uploading all the files in a directory and all the directories below the selected one.
- A new button appears, which allows direct access as Administrator to the WEB environment to modify the selected product.
- The materials section is aimed at providing manufacturers of coating materials, for example: ceramics, stones, etc. make it easy for Autodesk Revit users to use their different materials in projects.
- A new button has been added to ApliCAD UpdateBIM that, as happens with the Project Analysis tool, in this case the analysis is about the materials located with UpdateBIM in the project.

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